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You may think the NBN is just for the internet, but in fact the NBN can be used for your phone service as well! An NBN fibre optic connection can be used for voice and data, allowing for high quality calls and seamless video conferencing, letting businesses communicate faster and easier than ever.

Phone Systems

You may think the NBN is just for the internet, but in fact the NBN can be used for your phone service as well!

Data Cabling  
One data point, or one thousand. ATR can make it happen.

Phone Cabling Testing
So you’ve had a phone system installed, but you’re experiencing a fault with the line… that’s where ATR steps in!


The cameras in our phones may be getting better every year, but so are CCTV security systems!

Trust ATR Communications to install your business alarm and CCTV systems.

Security (Home & Business)
At ATR Communications, we’re all about tailoring a security system that best suits your business.

Access Control
Doors, gates, secured areas… when it comes to limiting access with electronic keys, ATR Communications has the expertise you want.


Install Power & Lighting
ATR Communications strives to provide a total electrical solution for all businesses.

Qualified Technicians
Looking for qualified electricians in Gippsland? Look no further.

UPS/Backup Power Systems
A Power outage or interruption can cause software corruption and hardware failure.

Appliance Testing & Tagging
ATR Communications can ensure all your equipment and electrical appliances comply with the standards and regulations.

Surge Protection
You’ve probably heard that lightning strikes can cause power surges, but an electrical spike can occur for a range of reasons, and can cause thousands of dollars in a fraction of a second!

About ATR

With over 20 years of experience providing the latest telecommunication, security & electrical solutions to all of Gippsland and the Latrobe Valley, ATR is Gippsland’s number#1 Communication, Security & Electrical Specialists.

Located in Traralgon & Bairnsdale, ATR has a large fleet of vehicles to ensure our professionally trained staff are able to promptly service all of your communications, security & electrical needs.

Services and products that ATR offer includes Phone systems, Data cabling, Radio Communications, MATV systems, PA systems, Wireless solutions, Security alarms, CCTV Surveillance, and all Electrical requirements including Commercial, and Industrial.