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You may think the NBN is just for the internet, but in fact the NBN can be used for your phone service as well! An NBN fibre optic connection can be used for voice and data, allowing for high quality calls and seamless video conferencing, letting businesses communicate faster and easier than ever.

If you’re planning to switch your business to the NBN, you’ll want to ensure you have NBN compatible phone systems.

ATR Communications can ensure that your business phone systems or office phone systems and NBN are connected.

We offer unified communications solutions, so give us a call to chat about how we can help your business grow.

Data Cabling

One data point, or one thousand. ATR can make it happen.

We service both domestic and commercial customers who want the confidence of the highest quality parts and service, paired with top of the range testing equipment to ensure all data cabling and networking equipment is installed correctly.

Structured cabling systems for voice and data may be just what your business needs!

We can also integrate your cabling installation through patch panels if required, allowing for flexibility in the future!

Phone Cabling Testing

So you’ve had a phone system installed, but you’re experiencing a fault with the line… that’s where ATR steps in!

We can fault find your phone systems, perform cable speed tests and check your high speed ADSL connection with our test equipment to ensure that you can get back to work, fast.

We also offer installs of new phone sockets and new phone cabling, plus NBN pre-wiring and conduit installs.

Ensure your ADSL speed is blazing fast, and there’s no noise or problems with your phone line. Give us a call at ATR Communications!


The cameras in our phones may be getting better every year, but so are CCTV security systems! Home security systems and business security camera systems have never been more affordable, so there’s no better time to install a high quality CCTV camera system.

Protect your home or business and give yourself peace of mind with wireless CCTV systems that you can monitor remotely!

ATR will create a custom camera and lens CCTV alarm system for you, using the best internal, external, low light, night vision or long range number plate recognition options.

Book an onsite inspection and quote with ATR Communications today!


Trust ATR Communications to install your home security alarm systems, CCTV alarm systems, business security alarms and cameras.

All of our fully qualified technicians hold Victorian Police ‘Security Equipment Installer’ and ‘ Security Advisor’ registrations as required by law, plus all relevant licenses, registrations and insurances to lawfully install security systems.
We supply, install and maintain from top brands including Bosch, Interlogix Tecom and Paradox alarm systems.

If you’re concerned about your security, or your business needs a new security alarms system, or maybe an upgrade to an existing system, don’t hesitate to contact ATR Communications.

Security (Home & Business)

At ATR Communications, we’re all about tailoring a security system that best suits your home or business.

We will visit you and perform an obligation free onsite inspection and quote, that way we can provide the ideal security system for you.

Everything from small home security systems for peace of mind, right up to NBN connected wireless CCTV systems, security alarms and cameras.

We have the technical skills for any commercial and industrial job at any level of complexity.

Protect your home, protect your business, protect your assets… protect yourself with ATR Communications.

Access Control

Doors, gates, secured areas… when it comes to limiting access with electronic keys, ATR Communications has the expertise you want.

Our fully qualified, Victoria Police licensed technicians can install, service and maintain physical access control systems, whether it’s stand alone or built into existing security access control systems.

We offer access control solutions from HID, Indala, Tecom and Bosch, ranging from gate access control systems to computer security access control.

We can also provide access control software that allows you to monitor user access and remotely observe security and access control.

Contact ATR Communications today for an onsite inspection and quote.

Install Power & Lighting

ATR Communications strives to provide a total electrical solution for all businesses, and that starts with lighting and power. You can’t get any work done until the lights are on and your equipment is running!

We can provide electrical work from a small office to a large warehouse, installing lights and power and completing any minor construction required to bring power supply to your premises.

We can also upgrade your workplace to LED lights to save you power and money!

The next time you’re searching for qualified electricians in Gippsland, give us a call at ATR Communications.

Qualified Technicians

Looking for qualified electricians in Gippsland? Look no further.

ATR Communications offers you peace of mind knowing that all work is done by experienced, fully qualified, licensed electrical contractors.

Our technicians are highly trained with a minimum 10 years experience, working to the highest Australian standards with all licenses, registrations and insurances required.

We aim to ensure that our services are offered at the highest level, with unsurpassed training for our technicians so that they have the technical skills to service any and all residential commercial and industrial electrical work.

With ATR Communications you don’t just get electricians, you get electrical specialists.

Appliance Testing & Tagging

The AS/NZS 3760 outlines the rules for test and tag frequency, and while businesses may have a wide range of risk assessment or OH&S plans, ATR Communications can ensure all your equipment and electrical appliances comply with the standards and regulations.

We will ensure your electrical safety by providing inspection testing and tagging, electrical tests and electrical fault finding.

We also provide general inspection and testing of electrical equipment in case you require our fully qualified electricians to ensure you meet standards.

Whether you need to test every 3 months or every 5 years, contact us today to develop a plan for your test and tag schedule!

Surge Protection

You’ve probably heard that lightning strikes can cause power surges, but an electrical spike can occur for a range of reasons, and can cause thousands of dollars in a fraction of a second!

Whether you have an office filled with computers and equipment, or a lot of devices plugged in at home, a surge protection device can save your connected equipment, and save you money.

ATR Communications can visit your premises, inspect and advise you on the types of surge protection that you may require.

We use the most advanced surge protectors so that you can prevent expensive replacement costs or insurance claims.

Keep your power supply steady and avoid surges with ATR Communications!

UPS/Backup Power Systems

Computer hardware and software both require consistent power, and an outage or interruption can cause software corruption and hardware failure.

Ensure your work computers or equipment are not destroyed by a power outage.

A UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a power system that maintains power during an outage, so that your computers or sensitive and essential equipment are not damaged.

Think of it like a large battery that acts as a backup power system for your workplace. The power protection a UPS offers will ensure your computer programs are not corrupted.

ATR Communications can create computer power backup systems to suit your business, with an inspection and quote!

DMR Communications (Digital Mobile Radio)

DMR communications are used where safety, productivity and connectivity are essential. The
signals can be encrypted offering better protection of your conversations and data transfer. DMR
Communications offer users clarity and security including integrated data applications such as
text messaging, dispatch capability and location tracking.
Benefits of DMR Communications
- Can be used in a range of structures
- Simultaneous voice and data transmission
- Cost effective – advanced network infrastructure not required
- Scalable platform capable of covering large geographic areas
- Is backward compatible with analogue making migration easier

CB Radio Communications (Citizen Band)

There is no need for licensing, contracts or fees when utilising CB two-way radios. It is a
publicly accessed shared radio system / 80 channels.

Analogue Radio Communications

Analogue technology offers small, smart capable and cost-effective two-way radio solutions.